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$70 This pancake style on-the-waistband holster offers secure, comfortable carry and concealment under a cover garment. 
$75. This in-the-waistband holster offers excellent concealment and secure carry.  With a wide body for stability on the belt, this holster wears well. Mouth reinforcement included.
$75 The snap on feature lets you put this holster on or take it off without needing to remove your belt. Comes with sweat shield. 
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To order, or request information, send an email to  If ordering, please put "Holster Order" in the subject line and add details describing the holster or belt you want made.
Bear River Holsters creates custom holsters, belts, sheaths and accessories from the finest US tanned leathers.

We are located near Tremonton, UT. If your gun isn't on the list, contact me. I may be able to order a dummy gun. 

$75. This tuckable IWB is comfortable and really conceals well. It can also be used for Appendix carry and is available with a forward cant. Mouth reinforcement included.
Tuckable IWB for LC9
OWB - On the Waistband
Snap-on OWB
IWB - In the Waistband
Tuckable IWB
Holster build time is four to six weeks.
Shipping is $6.00. Multiple items may be more.
$75. This Clip on tuckable IWB has two points of contact for stability on the belt. Mouth reinforcement included. Color is cherry chocolate.
Clip-on IWB - tuckable
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