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OWB for Ryan in MI. Ruger SR22
OWB Holster for Glock 26 made for John in Ohio
Carved and lined holster for Rick. His gun, a 4 inch Kimber.
Avenger holster for 45 LC Revolver made for Al in Brigham City, UT
Tooled 1911 Field Holster and Mag. For M.P. in Utah.
Tooled IWB for Kimber Micro. For M.P. in Utah.
Tooled holsters
Snap-on OWB for Ken in WI. Sig P239
Matched Set, Holster, Mag and Belt
XDsc OWB with CT laser for Reed in CO
IWB Holster for Springfield XD45 made for Al in Brigham City, UT
OWB Holster for Kahr CM9 made for John in Ohio
Holsters and belt for Robert in IL. Colt Commander and Glock 42. Color is cherry chocolate.
IWB Holster for Ruger LC9 made for David in Tustin, CA
OWB Holster for Ruger SR22 with Mag Holder
IWB Holster for full-size 1911 made for Billy
IWB Holster for 4" Colt Commander made for Scott in Idaho.  Picture taken by customer with his gun.
IWB Holster for Glock 19 made for Scott in ID
OWB Holster for XD45  for Josh in Tremonton, UT
Ruger LC9 OWB Holster, White Thread
IWB  Holster for EA Witness with Gunbelt for David in Utah
Left Hand Iwb/Owb Combo for Steve in Tremonton, UT. S&W Mod 60
LC9 Holster for Dave in MI
Tuckable IWB, M&P9c with CT laser for Al in VA
XD9sc OWB for Kris in Michigan
SP101 IWB for Kris in Michigan
LC9 for Ross in Layton, UT
Second LC9 Holster and Belts for Ross in UT
LC9 with Laser for Rick in WV
LC9 Tuckable IWB for Richard in Ohio
LC9, Lasermax for Jason in TX
Snap-on OWB, M&P9c for Eric in Texas
SR22 Tuckable and Mag for Tessa
Deluxe Iwb, Colt 1991 for Tom in AZ. Left Hand
OWB Holster for Bersa Thunder For Ross in UT
Snap-on OWB for Bersa Compact for Ross in UT
Tuckable IWB, Adjustable Cant. for Ruger SP101 for Steve in NY
For Mike in MI.  Snap-on OWB for Ruger SR22.  It started to rain as I took this picture.
Left Hand Deluxe IWB, Ruger LC9 with Lasermax for Robert in Orlando, FL
 OWB Holster for Ruger SR22 for Perry in NV
OWB Holster and Mag for Ruger SR22 for Don in KY
Deluxe IWB for CZ75 for Matt in MI
Snap-on OWB for Kimber Ultra Carry made for William in  UT
Tuckable IWB for KAHR CM9 for Jim in NJ
IWB Holsters. FIrestar and Ruger LC9 made for Mark in Salt Lake City, UT
Thumbbreak Holster for Ruger SR22
Mahogany with Black Trim IWB for a Kahr PM9
Mag holder for M&P Shield
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Holster build time is four to six weeks.
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