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To order, send an email to  Please put "Holster Order" in the subject line and add details describing the holster or belt you want to buy.
To get the correct size, remove the belt you currently wear and measure from the buckle fold to the hole you normally wear the belt on. If you are going to be carrying IWB, add two inches, or put the holster on and measure to that hole, as it will be a larger size.
This is a sturdy, comfortable gun belt made from two pieces of  leather, with a width of just  under 1 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch thick. It will support your pistol well. Border stamping is offered for an additional $20.  An extra charge of $10 has to be made for belts over 44 inches since the leather cost that much more.  Other custom stamping and tooling is available.
Important sizing information:
$65 to $95
Holster mag and border stamped belt for an LC9
Custom stamping makes this stand out.  This is actually the same three year old belt in the LC9 rig  previous picture. I stamped it in Oct 2015.
Matching set, holster and belt in brown
Holster, mags and belt in black
Custom stamp pattern 1. Border stamp can be switched.
Custom stamp pattern 2. Border stamp can be switched.
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Contact me if you plan on using your own buckle! 
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Shipping is $6.00. Multiple items may be more.